As some of you already know, NCCC try to support the Blood Transfusion Service by giving blood on a regular basis.

Today Will’ Ford – who started the process – got an email from Gillian McCauley:

I’m sure we can muster the troops. It’ll be a great Christmas present to give.

Hiya Will,

I hope this finds you well and you’re all geared up for the festivities?

I was hoping that you might be able to help?  We are holding special sessions on 26th and 30th Dec and also on the 2nd Jan to ensure that we can maintain a sufficient supply to our hospitals over the festive period.  As you can imagine, it’s proving really difficult for us to secure appointments on those dates given the time of year!

I wondered if you might be able to send an email round or publicise these sessions in any other way around your team mates at the cricket club and your colleagues at the station?  I’ve attached a post in the hope that you could share it somewhere for us but if you or anyone need any more info please just drop me a note!

Thanks in advance for your help,  I’ll look forward to catching up with you all at some point in the New Year if not before.  Have a great one when it comes!

Best wishes,


Gillian McCauley
Donor Recruitment and Publicity Officer

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Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service
Inverness Blood Donor Centre
Raigmore Hospital
Inverness IV2 3UJ


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