NCCC Development Plan

Northern Counties Cricket Club

.Established 1864 .

Club Development Plan

Mission Statement

To ensure that Northern Counties Cricket Club ( NCCC ) remains and continues to develop as a successful and respected Club by providing cricketing opportunities, open to all members of the community, and to ensure that the Club is structured in a fair, well resourced, safe and friendly environment.


Northern Counties Cricket Club will:

a. Maximise the number of young players participating in the Club’s Junior Section, within the limits of the Club’s resources

b. Provide structured participation opportunities for all players to improve and develop their skills within the Club, from 5yrs to under 16 and beyond

c. Maximise the retention and involvement of young players within the senior Club once they progress from Junior cricket

d. Provide all players with appropriate access to opportunities in District and County programmes

e. Increase the number of CS qualified coaches and volunteers working within the Club

f. Continue to work with Highland Council to maximise the use of the NMP for all

g. Continue to work with its local community via its Primary and Secondary schools

h. Continue to work with Highlife Highland, The Northern Meeting Park Group and others to improve the facilities at The Northern Meeting Park

i. Develop and promote cricket within all “minority” groups.

j. Develop and strengthen senior playing teams

k. Ensure effective communication between team captains

l. enter a 3 rd XI in the NoSCA Reserve League by 2025

Northern Meeting Park, Ardross Street. Inverness Contact: The Secretary –

Revised February 2022 Northern Counties Cricket Club


• Club Members, Sponsors and Supporters are currently informed of Club matters, events etc. by the Club website, by email and verbal communication, by Club AGM and by Management Committee meetings.

• The Development Planning process is carried out by a small group, comprising of the Club Secretary, 1 st XI and 2nd XI Captains, The CPO and the Club President.

• The draft plan was presented to a committee meeting for discussion, amendment (if necessary) and agreement.

• The Development Planning Group then reviewed all feedback before completing the Plan.

• The completed plan was formally approved on behalf of the Club at a full Management Committee meeting on 24th Feb 2022

External Communication

• The wider local community is currently informed of the Club and its events by free access to the Club’s website, Facebook, other social media and word of mouth. We also have regular match reports and features in the local newspapers

• The Club is a member of the North of Scotland Cricket Association, the Highland Cricket Development Group a number of external bodies and organisations currently have communication with the Club.

• The Club is also a member of Cricket Scotland

• Upon completion of the Plan, the Club will post the Plan on the Club website.

Club Structure

Club Development Planning Group

Management Committee (Officers of the Club) President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Child Protection Officer 1 st XI Captain 2 nd XI Captain Committee Members Junior Co-ordinator “

Junior Sub-Committee Junior Co-ordinator All Junior Team Managers & Coaches* Child Protection Officer

Frequency of Club Committee Meetings

Management Committee: Meets every month or when required and Annual General Meeting in November each year.

Junior Sub-Committee: Meets at least once per year, in the pre-season period, for review of previous season and planning of forthcoming.

Club Development Planning Group: Proposed annual meetings for Plan Review.

Information Flow

Management Committee: Minutes of Committee meetings and AGM are prepared by the Secretary. Other letters, promotional material, applications, etc., written as required Junior Sub-Committee: Minutes are prepared by the Junior Co-ordinator. Other letters, promotional material, applications, etc., written as required Club Development Planning Group: Ideas and text for the Development Plan are written ad hoc by all members of the group as part of the planning process and discussions.


Management Committee: Communicates with the Junior Sub-Committee where relevant via the Junior Co-ordinator. Communication to the wider Club membership is via newsletters, the Club website, the AGM and ad hoc verbal communication as appropriate.

Junior Sub-Committee: Communicates with the Management Committee via the Junior Coordinator. Communicates with the wider Club membership via Junior Team Managers/ Coaches, newsletters, the Club website.

Club Development Planning Group: see Section ‘Internal Communication & Ownership’

Club Objectives – Current Year (2022)

• Continue with structured coaching sessions for junior and senior players

• Improve on league positions for senior and reserve teams

• Work closely with Active schools coordinators to link the local primary schools to the club more effectively

• Continue to encourage volunteers to assist in club development

• Establish more effective working relationship with the Highland Council and implement safeguards to protect our status and the safety of the facilities

• Continue to attract new members whilst retaining existing ones

Club Objectives – Next Five Years

• Establish a 3 rd XI in the NoSCA Reserve League

• Attract more sponsorship by raising the profile of the club

• Use the additional funds to extend the community coach’s remit to include local secondary schools

• Improve the quality of the pitch through investment of resources

• Look for funding sources to attract a full time coach/manager

• Encourage coach development and involvement

• Increase the number of volunteers and parent involvement

• Provide greater opportunities for girls to participate