Under 14 Cricket – Guidelines for play


  • Each team starts with 50 runs
  • “In play” coaching of all players encouraged by 3 on field “umpires” 
  • Emphasis on enjoyment
  • 18 meter wicket and a 35 meter boundary (roughly)
  • Toss – Winner decides whether to bat or bowl first. Loser then decides which end they will bowl from.
  • At change of innings the bowling end is swapped


  • 8 “legal” balls faced per batter
  • Wooden bats 
  • Batting pads optional but the keepers used gloves.
  • No “outs” BUT……. Lose 2 runs for each dismissal ( bowled, caught, run out, stumped)
  • If “dismissed” the batter moves to the non strikers end for the next delivery – unless it was the batters final ball to be faced
  • No LBW
  • When batter retires, after facing 8 legal balls, remaining batter takes strike.


  • Min of 5 Bowlers
  • Maximum of 3 overs per bowler.
  • All bowling from one end (could change at end of 1st innings?)
  • Soft, fly-ball 
  • Discretion to be used with wides and no-balls – 1 run added to score for each wide or no ball.
  • 6 legal balls constitute an over but maximum of 8 deliveries per over.

Score Card

U 14 score card V3 XL