Season 2023

The Nosca development League is the preferred pathway for young and inexperienced cricketers to play hard ball cricket in a competitive fixture, and as a result there can be a difference in experience and abilities on match day. This is guidance should be referenced by all captains to ensure that the Development League is a safe and fun experience for all players.


It is recommended that young players are selected for Development League matches, preferably within a group of their peers. They should be made to feel comfortable and involved.

Both captains should enquire to the make up of opposing teams at the toss, with particular attention paid to junior or inexperienced players, so everyone is aware who is participating. The captains should discuss the batting line up and be made aware of juniors or inexperienced players batting up the order. You cannot assume the most experience batters will open the batting.

The bowling attack should be tailored to suit the batters, if a mismatch is apparent a change should be made immediately.

Young or inexperienced fielders should not be placed in positions where they are at risk or uncomfortable.

During the match

ECB regulations on participation of juniors should be followed.

All players must be respectful and courteous on and off the field. Celebrations for taking wickets or scoring boundaries must be considerate and may not be appropriate in all circumstances.

There should be no foul language on or off the field to ensure a friendly and enjoyable environment for young players. This goes for off field supporters too.

Please be considerate of young and inexperienced players. Captains may consider prolonging a match if the contest is clearly over.

Make sure everyone is involved.

Respectfully offer advice to young and inexperienced players if you see fit. Examples may be showing someone how to take guard or how to walk in with the bowler.

After the match

Be respectful, humble in victory and gracious in defeat. Aim to set an example to younger players.

Be mindful that alcohol is prohibited for juniors and those of specific beliefs.

Give encouragement.

Make sure that everyone has means of getting home safely, in particular juniors.