What this policy covers 

This policy sets out NCCC’s position on the use of any internet-based social networking sites by member clubs, individual Club members, players and officials, whether conducted on NCCC media

( www.invernesscricket.co.uk , www.facebook/northerncountiescricketclub), or any other club or personal media 


NCCC recognises that social networking sites offer a useful means of keeping in touch with friends and colleagues, and they can be used to exchange views and thoughts on shared interests, both personal and work related.

NCCC embraces and encourages the use of social media but recognises that all members and clubs have a duty of care towards others. 

Dos and Don’ts 

Social networking posts and/or blogs should not contain derogatory, insulting or abusive content toward NCCC, other clubs, its members, officials, players or umpires. 

You must not bring NCCC into disrepute through the content of your website entries or blogs. 

You should always be conscious of your duty to act in good faith and in the best interests of NCCC  and UK law. 

You must not disclose NCCC private information, breach copyright, defame NCCC or its members, officials, players, or disclose personal data or information about any individual that could breach the Data Protection Act 1998 on your your social networking site. 

You should not link your personal social networking accounts or blogs to the NCCC website without seeking prior consent from the site owner or administrator. 

NCCC will not tolerate abuse posted in messages in the public domain about NCCC or any other person connected to NCCC or its officials.

Bullying and Harassment 

Bullying and harassment can be experienced by a group of people as well as by individuals. This policy recognises this, and where the singular is used it is accepted that the circumstances may also be applicable to a group of people. Conversely, bullying and harassment can also be carried out by a group of people against an individual or another group

Sexual, sectarian and racial harassment and harassment on the grounds of disability or sexual orientation constitute discrimination and are unlawful under the sex discrimination, fair employment, race relations, disability, sexual orientation and age legislation. 

There is no excuse for bullying and harassment within NCCC, it is inappropriate behaviour and it will be treated by NCCC as a disciplinary offence. 

If communication(s) sent via social media target a specific individual or individuals they will be considered to fall under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 and the Malicious Communications Act 1988. 

Disciplinary Action 

Members should be aware that the account holder for any social networking site will be held solely responsible for the content published on the Internet. 

Members should also be aware that any relevant information contained in social networking sites may be used in evidence to any disciplinary and/or legal proceedings. 

Any misuse of social networking sites or blogs as mentioned above will be regarded as a disciplinary offence and may result in disciplinary action. 

Breaches of this policy will be dealt with under the NCCC disciplinary procedures detailed in Section 7 of the Constitution. This may include suspension of a player, players or club from Association competitions for a stated period or indefinitely. However, breaches may also be considered criminal offences and passed on to the relevant authority for action in necessary. 

If you become aware of information relating to NCCC posted on the internet, you should bring this to the attention of a member of the Executive Committee immediately.