Here’s to 2018

Hey Everyone,

A new season is nearly upon us. A new committee has been elected. Pre-season is being organised and all is good with the world – If only!

I have just, rather surprisingly I have to say, taken on the role as Club President. Dev’ having resigned due to work commitments. It is a great honour for me to take this on and I promise to have the Clubs’ wellbeing and development at the heart of all my decisions and thoughts. Dev saw the club take massive strides both on and off the field and we owe him a great deal. Thank you Dev, we hope you will be able to serve on the committee as a member.

21151287_1443372712365704_3579468538628029670_nWe have managed to keep Dave Dugdale as Club Captain although his expanding family (welcome to Alfie) will take more of his time this season. His captaincy proved crucial throughout last season and culminated in us winning the senior Knock-out Cup for the first time in donkeys years. Having said that, I think his main contribution to NCCC was his enthusiasm and energy which was infectious and it was this, I believe, that gave us the success we enjoyed.


Staying on the family theme, we seem to be growing our own team for the future amongst our ranks. Richard Smith and his partner and Ollie Bennett and his partner had sons in the Autumn last year, Andrew Callanan and his partner recently had a baby girl (Molly) and Will’ Ford and his partner are expecting a boy (Freddie we think) in the Summer. Congratulations to all of them. Jess Mills is to tie the knot in the Spring and she continues her cricketing success with inclusion in the Scotland “Wildcats” women cricket team. We wish you and Jon all the best for the future.

Our Development Squad continues to produce quality players who have moved up in to the First team. We have to thank Mike (Second Team Captain) and James for their efforts and the other senior players who have mentored the youngsters along the way and a special mention must go to Pat Cronin for all of his cricket development work at Fortrose Academy.

We all love our cricket, whether playing or watching and I think the NCCC being a family friendly, inclusive club is a significant part of that. The strength of our club is in its individuals and the strength of those individuals is in the club.

This season will be different for us – we have a title to defend. But let me say, If we concentrate on enjoying what we do and play to create memories and for each other, the results will come. Even if they don’t, we will still have had a hell of a season!

Finally, I want say thanks to everyone who has given their time so generously. Whether it’s making sandwiches, transporting people to and from matches/ training, writing articles for the website, facebook page, turning up on work days or to watch a game. NCCC would not exist without your support. THANK YOU ALL.

So, let’s get to it. Enjoy the season and spread the word.



Jon Ford