NOSCA “change” comes too late

Following the debacle at Elgin last weekend NoSCA have changed the rules relating to how a match will be decided if weather threatens to disrupt a game, despite having a “Rain Calculator” on their website at the time of the Elgin tournament.

The rule looks amazingly like the discussion that took place between the captains and the umpires on the day.


62) If, in the opinion of the umpire(s) (in consultation with the team captains), the prevailing weather is likely to result in an unfinished game they may decide to start a reduced overs game before the times outlined in Appendix 1. If no appointed umpire(s) are available then the team captains may decide on this course of action if they both agree. If no appointed umpire(s) are available and agreement cannot be reached then match timings as per Appendix 1 will prevail.

63) A game which has not started 2 hours after the scheduled start time OR which remains unfinished and play is not in progress 2½ hours after the scheduled start time, shall be declared void and replayed at a date and venue to be decided by the Match Secretary, UNLESS:-

64) 50% or more of the overs in the second innings have been completed, in which case the result will be determined by the Rain Calculator.